How to maintenance the lighting during our life?

Lights are just like girls, if you do not maintenance the lights, that could be kept according to the maintenance, if we could notice the tips in our daily life.

If you want to keep the crystal chandeliers or Deer Antler Chandeliers stunning and bright, then we have to avoid the damage to the crystal chandeliers, as to the cleaning of the crystal chandeliers, then we could scrub the chandeliers and ceiling lights, if you think it is trouble, then we could spray some detergent, when the detergent is spread, that could bring the dust on the chandeliers and crystal.

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Tips we have to notice, the lamps had better not wash with water, we could scrub the surface with water. moisture-proof could be the key point of maintenance, especially in the bathroom, kitchen and other places, we also have to install the moisture-proof shade in case of moisture, in order to avoid rust and leakage. We could clean the shade, shade and bulb, in order to be right, then that could avoid wasting power. If you think that there is black deposition inside the bulb, we had better replace it.

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